In support of Children’s Art Week, the Arts for Health and Wellbeing team visited the Emergency Unit – Children’s Area at the University Hospital of Wales to create artwork with the children and their parents whilst they waited to be treated.

The children’s art event was an underwater theme colouring activity. The Kickstart Team had all manner of sea creatures including fish, sharks, seaweed, turtles and so much more for children to get stuck in and enjoy using a variety of different colours and paints provided.

The children’s art will be used to make a collage of pictures in the area which will feature all of the sea life decorated. The new display will be an enchanting underwater sea world filled with vibrant colours.

The team aimed for the project to have a positive impact in improving the confidence and creativity of the children involved, at what could have been a stressful time.

The fish were decorated across three days of Children’s Art Week in sessions organised by Arts and Business Intern, Bex and ran by the Kickstart team, Tom, Channing and Tim.

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