Meet the Team

We’re a small but dedicated team of artists and art enthusiasts at Cardiff and Vale UHB, all of whom know the benefits of art to patient experience and are passionate about continuing to develop the health board’s art offering. Read more about us below:

Alex Staples

I am a new addition to this team, but having grown up with an artist in my close family, and studying and working in Musical Theatre in the West End, I have a great passion for art and the positive impact it has on both mental and physical wellbeing.

I have also been an inpatient in hospital for long periods of time and from personal experience, I appreciate the need for a positive environment to aid recovery within in the hospital setting.  This is something we can continue to develop and grow within our hospitals and their surroundings.

I am so pleased to work within this team, and to have the opportunity to help make a positive difference to the lives of our patients and their families.


Simone Joslyn


From my experience within mental health nursing, I have seen first-hand the positive impact that art can have on people’s health and wellbeing. I was one of the leads in developing the Mental Health Services for Older People wards, the state-of-the-art mental health unit, Hafan y Coed, and the bespoke arts strategies that accompanied them.

I was also instrumental in the development of the Hearth Gallery, a unique space for contemporary art, the first of its kind in Wales. I am now the Head of Arts and the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity so will be managing the development of the health board’s arts programme in order to improve our patients’ and staff’s lives with art.


Melanie Wotton

I have managed the Hearth Gallery since its opening in September 2015 and am responsible for designing a diverse programme of exhibitions and projects from both established and emerging artists, with a unique opportunity to explore and create new artwork for exhibition within a wonderful, purpose-built gallery space.

It’s rewarding to be able to work on exhibitions which make a difference to people’s lives –either through inspiring our patients, staff and visitors and offering an opportunity to relax and enjoy the gallery space or showing artwork aimed at reducing stigma, encouraging discussion and offering new perspectives. The accessibility and central location of the gallery within the hospital means that visitors’ encounter with art is sometimes unexpected, fresh and immediate, and this is exciting in terms of curation


Our ‘open to all’ ethos is generating a wide network of connections and possibilities, and an enormous interest in arts in healthcare within our hospital sites and beyond, and a number of recent arts projects originating in the gallery have been extended across the hospital, and also to other venues including a London Gallery.

I work on a part-time basis in the gallery and also as a practicing artist from my studio at Kings Road Artists’ Collective, with a background mixture including fine art, ecology, complementary therapies and marketing. I have a strong belief in the ability of nature, the environment, landscape, and all things which improve our sense of wellbeing to greatly impact on our health and the richness of everyday life.

Jayne Catherall

I am new to the team, but have been working in health for the past six years. During this time I have seen the huge impact that the arts have on the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and visitors to our hospital sites.

I’m incredibly pleased to be working on the Cardiff and Vale UHB arts for health and wellbeing project and I will have the task of raising the profile of the arts in healthcare settings, to improve working environments and enhance patient experience.

If you have any queries about this website, or the communication strategy that accompanies the health board’s arts project, please get in touch!

Molly May Lewis


I am delighted to be the latest member to join the Arts team at Cardiff and Vale UHB as the new Gallery Coordinator of the HeARTh Gallery at University Hospital Llandough.

Since graduating with a BA Degree in Fine Art from Cardiff School of Art and Design, I have exhibited my work in various galleries across the UK, worked on a freelance basis for several Artists and Designers in Cardiff and I have been commissioned by Cardiff and Vale UHB for a variety of creative projects.

I now look forward to using my experience and knowledge to create an exciting future programme for the HeARTh gallery. This will include showcasing both established and emerging artists as well as collaborating with the local community and artistic collectives.

My aim is to maintain the artistic success of the gallery, ensuring the smooth running of a variety of exhibitions and projects and providing a positive and thought- provoking experience for the visitor.”

Bex Betton

Cardiff & Vale Arts and Health Charity are delighted to welcome Arts & Business Cymru Intern Bex Betton to the team. Bex, who started with the team in early November 2020 for 10 months, has a strong background in
fundraising, events and the Arts which has been developed from working within the Welsh Arts scene. Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is the first Health Board in Wales to support an Intern from Arts & Business Cymru within their Arts team.

During her time with the team, Bex will lead on a number of Arts
fundraising initiatives and help develop and deliver projects where Arts
help with mental health and wellbeing in healthcare environments. This
is an important part of the Health Boards Staff Wellbeing Strategy and
improves patient experience.