Arts for Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Sculpture Trail Proposal

Our Health Meadow – University Hospital Llandough

Arts for Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Sculpture Trail Proposal


Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is developing an innovative new space at its University Hospital Llandough site. Our Health Meadow will bring to life the vision of a community orchard to the fields surrounding the hospital site. The Health Board is working with partners to establish this innovative project which is believed to be the first of its kind at a hospital site in the UK, our goal is to establish an ecological community health park which aims to benefit wildlife, plants and people through positive human environment interaction.

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board recognised the potential for integrating artworks into ‘Our Health Meadow’. It is the Health Boards expectation that the Health Meadow site will be a centre of excellence
for wellbeing that will revolutionise the way in which we care for our patients, staff and visitors. In order to reflect the nature and its contribution to wellbeing and how we care for people as a whole, including, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, we have utilised an eclectic and ambitious art strategy to acknowledge and enhance the experiences of all who enter the site; patient, staff, partners and visitors
and a key element of the strategy will be a sculpture trail.
Our sculpture trail will also act as a walkway through open air galleries of outdoor sculptures. A distinct trail that allows the exploration of individual sculptures as part of a wider expansive environmental art site within Our Health Meadow. The trail will be disabled and wheelchair accessible offering viewing and experiencing art for all. Sculptural works, especially in fragile natural habitats allow low impact access to the arts, in a space that people feel comfortable in. Many would not feel comfortable entering dedicated ‘Art’ exhibition spaces such as galleries, however, the calming effect of nature allows art to be appreciated in a non-threatening environment. Our aim would that some of the sculptures would be interactive and educational, which could provide ways in which to engage local schools and learning providers.


The strategy proposal outlines a number of ways that the Arts for Health and Wellbeing team could achieve a comprehensive and exciting arts strategy for Our Health Meadow (within budgetary allocation).
Within this proposal, we acknowledge the important role public art has to play in delivering high quality healthcare environments, the significant contribution to improving the lives, health and wellbeing of patients, service users and carers, as well as those who work in health and the arts and supported the principle of developing a bespoke series of public art and arts-based activities through the capital build programme. Research has shown that the integration of artworks in healthcare environments can improve people’s access and experience of healthcare services and facilities in a number of ways, including softening impersonal clinical environments and therefore reducing the anxiety of staff and those using them; improving recovery, productivity and helping to improve staff retention. Ways in which artworks could be integrated into Our Health Meadow to provide tangible benefits to patients, visitors and staff include:

  • Providing intuitive way-finding and aiding the definition of areas
  • Valuing people’s voices
  • Acting as a consultative tool
  • Breaking down boundaries
  • Conveying a sense of calm and peace
  • Providing a caring, sympathetic and relaxing atmosphere
  • Inspiring confidence and promote well being
  • Creating a lasting impression of quality
  • Building community links
  • Engaging end users in the development of their environment
  • Assisting in wayfinding


There are number of options for the integration of Art into Our Health Meadow and the way in which the art is selected or commissioned

  • Permanent commissions, which stand-alone but are integrated into the fabric of the Health Meadow and surrounding landscaping, such as sculpture, murals or glasswork.
  • Engaging service users and / or staff focused group to comment upon and add to the design
    process, resulting in specific commissions.

The proposal consists of a combination of opportunities that are bespoke to the space and its users.

The Arts for Health and Wellbeing team strategy encourages the commissioning of innovative new artworks that respond specifically to the site. Public art concepts should form part of an overall design
vision, with artwork being an integral part of a building or area

Consultation and Collaboration

The proposal is the view of the Arts for Health and Wellbeing team, but can be adapted including
consultation with established stakeholder groups and individuals and any themes or ideas that emerge
from these discussions.


Funding would need to be applied for from various avenues, including Cardiff & Vale Health Charity
funds once the proposal is finalised. Match funding between bids and existing Arts monies could also
be explored as well as applications to external funders if appropriate.


The style and content of art within Our Health Meadow will emerge through the consultation process with the users of the space. However a consistent theme will need to be adopted for work that forms an integral part of the sculpture trail and surrounding landscaped areas. This theme would complement the environment within which the sculptures are placed and be in keeping with the overall design philosophy.

The project provides opportunities for the integration of artworks within the healthcare environment by:

  • Developing an art programme that identifies specific art projects
  • Project managing the implementation of artworks on time and within budget, including appointment of artists, management of the project from design stage to installation to advice about long-term maintenance
  • Completed applications and attended meetings to secure funds
  • Developed and maintained relationships with stakeholders, meeting all the artist individually and managing timescales and installations.
  • Ensured diversity and inclusion of projects
  • Developing detailed briefs and artist selection processes for specific projects to: define briefs for projects in detail, including timescales, scope, restraints, approach, budget and other essential

The art could include an eclectic mix of sculptures and materials, potentially incorporating abstract art, fine art, glass, sculpture, writing, poetry, sculpture and community/ graffiti art and be dual purposed in providing some seating or shelter

Health and Wellbeing

The Health Meadow is pivotal in the way in which we support the Wellbeing of those who use our hospital sites. It can be enjoyed by all who work in or visit and provide important first impressions of our ethos in caring for people.

We could utilize the vision and skills of a local artist to produce a creative and vibrant sculptures that would be welcoming, as well as thought provoking. Below are some examples of the types of work we have incorporated on some of our sites.

An inverted tree was produced by an artist with lived experience of mental health issues and then incorporated into a seating area to provide a focal point within the area.
We also utilized wood to produce some acorn seats, these continue the theme of nature and helps to bring tranquillity to the area. It is also important for staff to have space outside to sit and relax and take advantage of fresh air and natural light.

The above sculpture by Gideon Petersen has been so simple and effective and we feel we could achieve something similar using a different subject rooted in Nature and the Natural World, below
are some existing sculptures which form good examples of how different materials and subjects could be used to create the Our Health Meadow Sculpture Trail.

Engagement with Community

A key element of this proposal is the forging of positive relationships with the local community, consulting with those who use the space on themes and potentially opting for original artworks from local artists. This would depend on funding available but would increase engagement with the community as a whole, there may be some service users that wish to contribute, helping to fulfil the requirements set out in the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.


We have already secured a number of amazing sculptures in Our Health Meadow, including work by Dilys Jackson and Gideon Petersen, and we have also secured an amazing opportunity for trees within the Meadow to be carved into intricate totem poles.

However, we wish to make the sculpture trail as rich and engaging as possible and therefore we are offering the opportunity for businesses or individuals to sponsor the sculptures within the sculpture trail either individually or as a collection in order to help us achieve our vision.

Suggestion for sponsorship amounts:
Single sculpture £2,000
Sculpture Collection £10,000

For this amount the sculpture would have a plaque with the sponsors details, also the sponsorship would be highlighted on our extensive social media channels for both the Arts and the Health Charity, and referred to in our Arts for Health and Wellbeing Annual Report and our Cardiff & Vale Health Charity Annual report.

The business/individual benefits include:

  • Advertising via our social media and websites for both the Health Charity and the Arts for Health
    and Wellbeing programme.
  • Section placed in the Annual Arts Report and the Annual Health Charity Report highlighting the
    ·Strong links with Health Charity and the charitable sector within Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • The opportunity for staff from sponsoring companies to take advantage of the space for their own
    wellbeing and access to the Arts.
  • The opportunity to work with a well established and recognised Arts for Health and Wellbeing
    programme which could in turn benefit their businesses.


The purpose of this proposal is to provide ideas for art provision at the new within Our Health Meadow at University Hospital Llandough. Feedback from stakeholders of the project will shape the final project with regards to theme and the types of sculptures that are chosen. It will also depend on the ability to secure funding for the project.

Arts for Health and Wellbeing Team Contact:
Alex Staples – Alex.staples2@wales.nhs.u

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