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Of every art form, music is arguably the most universally loved, appreciated, and understood. Regardless of lyrics, the language of keys and chords resonates with us all.

Research conducted by the charity, Music in Hospitals & Care, in conjunction with the University of Sussex and the University of Huddersfield found:

  • Music provides substantial and significant benefits for all individuals who encounter the performance and not just clients. Based on the evidence, we can state that the musical performances provide significant benefits for care staff, musicians, nursing staff, managers and the families of clients.
  • Of all the activities which take place within each of the facilities, the musical performances are the most beneficial, far-reaching and significant in their effects. In some instances, clients will not take part in any organised activities – other than the musical performance.
  • Early results suggest that even those clients living with final stage dementia gain substantial benefits from the musical performances.
  • Musical skills and musical tastes appear to be present long after the capacity for conversation and particular aspects of the individual personality have disappeared.

– Music in Hospitals & Care

Cardiff and Vale UHB’s Music to our Ears programme is delivered with the support of organisations such as Music in Hospitals & Care, as well as the Welsh National Opera.

We also work with local musicians and volunteers such as Harmoni Cymru, the Llandough Hospital Community Choir, and the Forget Me Not Chorus.