Dance and Movement


The dance and movement programme offered by the UHB is diverse, entertaining and inclusive. By working with partner organisations, we are able to commission performers and sessions leaders that engage with our patients, encouraging them to move more and maintain their muscle strength while in hospital.


Cardiff and Vale UHB is currently championing the “Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Moving” campaign following groundbreaking research that bed rest is not a good way to recover from many illnesses or injuries and may actually increase recovery times.

Staying in bed can and not moving can actually contribute to a number of other problems.
  • It can affect breathing.
  • It causes skin to break down and become sore.
  • It causes muscles to lose strength, causing increased fatigue.
  • Patients lose independence in personal care like washing and dressing themselves.
  • Patients become unable to digest food properly causing gastrointestinal problems.
  • It can cause confusion and a loss of self-confidence, which could result in a low mood.

What better way is there to get patients up and out of bed than by getting them dancing and exercising?

Organisations such as Rubicon Dance and Elderfit offer sessions that are specially designed to engage patients and improve their strength and balance. By doing so, they dramatically decrease their risk of falling and injuring themselves while simultaneously making their transition back home smoother and easier due to increased independence.

Studies suggest that it only takes 19 minutes of exercise a day while in hospital to improve mobility, improve recovery times and improve quality of life.