Left to right: Ceri Phillips, Daniel Crossland, Paul Whittaker, Tamsin Griffiths, Hannah Morland-Jones

The Hearth Gallery was delighted to host two internal closing events to celebrate the ‘Do you want to play?’ exhibition on Friday 8th September. These events provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in open discussions, reflecting on the theme of relationships and relationship-centred care while immersing themselves in the gallery space.

‘Do you want to play?’ is an interactive and immersive exhibition by Four in Four, currently on display at the Hearth Gallery. It invites you to explore intricate dynamics of relationships, be they personal or professional, as well as the philosophy of relationship-centred care.

You can read more about the exhibition and its concept here.

The first event brought together healthcare professionals from the Mental Health Clinical Board (MHCB), who were joined by distinguished guests Ceri Philips, Vice Chair of the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CAVUHB), and Daniel Crossland, Director of Operations of the Mental Health Clinical Board.

The gathering commenced with introductions and the sharing of individual perspectives on the subject of relationships, setting the stage for a dynamic open discussion. Participants also had an opportunity to engage in conversations with artists Paul Whittaker and Tamsin Griffiths, gaining deeper insights into their creative concepts, artworks, and personal reflections on their careers and mental health journeys.

Ceri Phillips, Vice Chair of Cardiff and Vale UHB, said: “This exhibition is a valuable addition to the current programme of events at CAVUHB. It offers a unique opportunity for all patients, staff, and visitors to immerse themselves in the thought-provoking exhibition. The experience it provides is not only enriching but also essential.

“I’ve been delighted to participate in the captivating discussion with colleagues from the MHCB. Our conversations delved into important and highly relevant topics, making this engagement all the more rewarding.”

The second event of the day consisted of members of the Recovery College visiting the gallery with the artists, for a deeper insight of the exhibition, and for an informal discussion with artists Paul Whittaker and Tamsin Griffiths. The Cardiff and Vale Recovery & Wellbeing College is the first co-produced peer led service in the NHS in Wales. It provides free educational courses on a range of mental health, physical health and wellbeing topics. You can read more about the Recovery College here.

The Hearth Gallery would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all participants and attendees who were able to reflect on this important and insightful exhibition. Special thanks are also extended to Ceri Philips and Daniel Crossland for their support and insightful contributions.

The ‘Do you want to play?’ exhibition is open until Monday 18th September, 9am – 8pm. Don’t miss your chance to view the artworks and to cultivate connections through play and conversation.

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