With the support of the Staff Lottery Fund at Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, the Arts for Health and Wellbeing team are delighted to implement the first games project for the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Programme with Modular Designer, Jordan Draper.

With the majority of patients now having to attend hospital appointments alone, the four games are intended to be played by a patient in a hospital setting with their friend or family member who is at home. Each game is in both English and Welsh, has a creative theme and is based on an exchange of text messages on the patient’s own mobile phone.

I had no expectation of what would emerge on these small poster games, but the constraints paved a beautiful path to interactive experiences that are unique to the people playing them. I feel very fulfilled to be able to spread creativity and silliness to staff and patients, and I really enjoyed testing out the ideas with my own family and friends. My hope is that other organisations and hospitals will follow suit! It was a challenging and unexpected joy to work on these games.

-Jordan Draper, Modular Designer

The project and creative process was shared with the public at Games Wales as part of the lecture ‘My Games in Health Care Journey’ by Bex Betton who managed the project as is the first Women in Games Ambassador in Wales.

It has been an incredible experience to introduce this project into the Arts for Health and Wellbeing Programme and to see the positive response the games received from staff and patients. I was also pleased to be able to share the project with the Game Development Industry at Games Wales to show how connecting and creating through games can positively support health and wellbeing of patients.”

-Bex Betton, Arts Fundraising Support Officer

There are a limited number of games available to be gifted to hospital areas at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. If you would like to receive one for your department or would like more information about the project, please email: bex.betton@wales.nhs.uk

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