Cardiff and Vale Arts for Health and Wellbeing programme is delighted to commission Artist Adele Pask to create artwork as a response to the Black Lives Matter Movement and as part of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s Inclusion Agenda.

This artwork has been supported by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity and NHS Charities Together funding.

Adele’s work is graphically bold, colourful and thought-provoking, which conveys a celebration of cultural diversity and equality that will appeal to a wide audience.

Adele’s focus centres on unity, of ‘togetherness’. Graphic use of a diverse range of patterns, forms, shapes and symbols are incorporated within the composition to illustrate and communicate the positive values of a caring and united community. She derived inspiration from the quote “What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.” – Ted Kennedy.

The artist hopes it will stimulate a sense of possibility and what is achievable within society today.

The art is titled ‘Synergy’, Adele explains: “When contemplating a title for the mural I thought the word synergy and its definition encapsulated what I wanted to portray.

Synergy ; combined interaction of many elements in a system, working together to achieve a greater effect than the sum of individual efforts.

In essence, teamwork at its best results in a synergy that can be very powerful.”

The design is made up of a montage of elements that flow and are connected and linked together to form a whole. Cultural references are represented through traditional and contemporary patterns from Celtic, Oriental, African and Indian origins. Selected symbols with associated meanings of peace, strength and vitality are featured.

Hands are used within the design to highlight our need to help, support and uphold one another. We can all accomplish more by being united as a collective community.

The human form is represented through a more simple line, silhouette or abstract imagery. The centre abstract image was inspired by the artist ‘Shatha A Dafan’ and represents the message ‘We Shall Overcome’.

The reference to Health Care Services is incorporated using bold simplified signage style imagery including the red cross, doctor and patient, stethoscope and medication.

Finally, to link this artwork specifically to the local community in and around Cardiff, Adele has incorporated some of the areas iconic architectural landmarks including the Principality Stadium and City Hall.

Adele said: “I hope the artwork will create a sense of empowerment and encourage unity and respect for all.

I had the pleasure of creating a mural last year for ‘Arts for Health and Wellbeing’ in the visitor and patient room in ward B6 of University Hospital Cardiff. During my time on the ward I had the privilege of meeting many patients, staff and visitors and was able to witness the positive impact artwork has on individuals in so many ways.”

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