Cardiff & Vale Health Charity was pleased to support Headway with a bid for art and drama workshops for patients with an acquired brain injury through the Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) Third Sector Grants and Cardiff Third Sector Council Funds (C3CS).

Headway were awarded funds for printing, art materials, fourteen art workshops, five drama workshops and twelve stop motion animation workshops for people with acquired brain injury. Fifty people attended the various sessions.

The art work produced as a result of the workshops was displayed at the Recreation Hall at the Rookwood Hospital site and soon there will be an exhibition on display at the Hearth Gallery, University Hospital Llandough.  The movement sessions were delivered virtually due to the pandemic.

This case study demonstrates an individual who benefitted from sessions supported by Cardiff & Vale Health Charity funding.

Patient CD

CD suffered a hypoxic brain injury as a result of a suicide attempt while a student. The individual has ASD and has previously struggled with their mental health and which has been exacerbated by the brain injury that also resulted in other disabilities.

CD struggled to form relationships with others, often falling out with them because of misinterpretation, over-sensitivity, or making excessive emotional demands. They have significant issues with regulating their emotions and can become aggressive. As a result, they are extremely isolated and an ongoing suicide risk. Lockdown had been especially tough because they relied on certain routines and interactions which are no longer possible. The team asked for support and the individual eventually chose to participate in the group zoom Tai Chi movement sessions, initially with their camera off but over time with their camera on and with increasing interaction with the rest of the group.

These sessions provided them with a sense of calm, communication with others, and help them to focus on the immediate rather than worrying about more abstract concerns.

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