Cardiff and Vale Arts for Health and Wellbeing programme has received a kind donation of art from local Artist Mary Dewey.

Mary donated a painting based on the iconic rainbow image which was used during the pandemic as a “Thank You NHS” that people are still displaying in their windows today. The painting was created in recognition of the extremely hard work and dedication of NHS staff, and the lives that have been saved during the pandemic.

Mary explains: “The rainbow, colours merge and change which reflect our changing moods or events of life. Blue for sadness, green for new life, yellow for happiness etc. Sometimes the ribbon is over another, (this depicts we get on top of our difficulties), sometimes the ribbon is under another, (this depicts when things get on top of us). Following the ribbon right around the painting, will lead back to the NHS.

“The yellow heart represents someone who has been lost to the virus, the large one peeping out from the red ribbon. Four other small yellow hearts are in the north, south, east and west of the painting, representing people who are grieving in Britain while still being grateful for the skill, dedication and support of the NHS.”

Mary Dewey was born in Cardiff and still lives there today. She has been a painter and sculptor for 30 years and works in a variety of materials, taking inspiration from her faith.

Mary’s studio has an exhibition gallery of sculptures, paintings, and more recently pottery. Many are commissions from individuals and organisations. She has fulfilled commissions to create ceramic sculptures that now reside in Canterbury, London, Mid Wales, Texas and as far away as Ghana.

The artwork will be located in the patient waiting area in the Hydrotherapy Suite at the University Hospital of Wales, which currently sees around 50 patients per day.

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