This year for Mental Health Awareness Week, Cardiff & Vale Arts for Health and Wellbeing would like to highlight the fantastic work of the Mental Health Matters Wales team for their sessions at St David’s Hospital.

Cardiff & Vale Health Charity funds the Mental Health Matters team to visit patients in the hospital on a regular and ongoing basis. The team run a range of arts and engaging activities for patients to have fun with during their stay. These sessions encourage positive mental health and wellbeing by offering patients a creative release and expression as well as a chance to talk.

Claire Davies – Well-Being Activity Co-ordinator, says:

“As the MHM Wales Wellbeing Activity Support Team help individuals living with dementia in St David’s Hospital, we see how meaningful activities that providing inclusion, occupation and interaction support a positive approach to mental health and wellbeing as well as having evident physical benefits. Being able to ignite a positive emotion or response through conversation, music, dancing, art and crafts is a privilege and we have met the most inspiring, talented exceptional people by using our role to celebrate the individual behind the dementia and to reinforce value, identity and purpose. It helps us to provide a positive approach to care and support an individual to live the best life they can as independently as possible for as long as possible.”

Mental Health Awareness Week is a chance to open up about mental health and make some time for yourself to do the activities that improve your own wellbeing.

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