The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Team are working on an exciting project supported by the Staff Lottery Fund, to create a variety of games that patients can play whilst in hospital waiting areas. With many patients currently having to attend hospital appointments alone, these games will act as a positive and fun distraction for patients at a potentially daunting and tedious time.

The games are intended to be played by a patient in a hospital setting with their friend or family member who is at home. Each game will be based on an exchange of text messages on the patient’s own mobile phone and will not require them to download anything or even have access to the internet. There will be both an English and a Welsh version of each game. This activity is particularly aimed towards teenagers and young adults and encourage them to connect with friends and stimulate their creativity during waiting periods.

The project is being managed by Arts and Business Intern, Bex Betton who is also the first Women in Games Ambassador in Wales.

I am delighted to be able to share my knowledge from working in the games industry and implement the positive impact games can have on the wellbeing of patients to the Arts Programme.

It is wonderful to be collaborating with Game Designer, Jordan Draper on this unique project. Many of Jordan’s previous games focus on building relationships and enhancing inventiveness, I can’t wait to see what we make and the impact it will have.

-Bex Betton, Arts and Business Intern

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