National Storytelling Week marks a celebration to share stories with one another in any way you choose.

This year, writer and facilitator, Kerry Steed, ran the unique project ‘Unlocking the Poetry, Sharing Stories’ which transformed the personal stories from the health board staff working through the COVID 19 crisis into poetry.

The staff were warmly invited to share their stories through a one-to-one confidential video call with Kerry who then gifted their words back to them in the form of poetry.

“It’s a privilege and inspiration to be listening to staff, to be sharing creatively with them at this time. Often, when people share their story with me they’ll begin by saying, ‘I don’t have much of a story to tell.’ But weall have stories to tell, and it’s important that we can give voice to them. It’s especially important when we’ve lived through challenging, emotional experiences. Finding the poetry in a story can be a way of getting to the heart of the story, to its essence. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the poems on World Poetry Day in March.”

-Kerry Steed, artist behind ‘Unlocking the Poetry, Sharing Stories’

A photo of Kerry

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