Choose the art for the Lakeside Wing Staff Haven

We’re working with the National Museum of Wales to decorate the new Staff Haven in the UHW Lakeside Wing. Cardiff and Vale UHB Staff members have the chance to vote for their favourite theme of the five below.

Please vote in the survey section of the StaffConnect app:

Voting closes on Sunday 8th November.

Option one – Water / Dwr

Soothing images of water, lakes and oceans reflecting the lakeside location of the new building.

Delweddau cysurus o ddŵr, llynnoedd a’r môr sy’n adlewyrchu lleoliad yr adeilad newydd wrth ymyl llyn.

Waterlilies, 1906, by Claude Monet © The National Museum of Wales / Liliau’r Dŵr, 1906, gan Claude Monet © Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru

Option two – Nature / Natur

Works that celebrate the beauty and calming effects of the natural world – particularly the Welsh landscape – bringing the magic of the outdoors in.

Detholiad o ddelweddau sy’n dathlu harddwch ac effeithiau tawelu byd natur – yn enwedig tirwedd Cymru – gan ddod â hud yr awyr agored i mewn i’r ysbyty.

Sunset in the Welsh Hills, by J. D. Innes © The National Museum of Wales / Machlud haul ym Mryniau Cymru, gan J. D. Innes © Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru

Option three – Moments of Calm / Ymdawelwch

A selection of images to help with calming effects – simple, tranquil, and meditative. An antidote to the noise and hustle of daily life.

Detholiad o ddelweddau i helpu gydag effeithiau tawelu – syml, tawel a meddylgar. Gwrthgyferbyniad â sŵn a phenbleth bywyd.

The Little Interior, by Gwen John © The National Museum of Wales / Yr Ystafell Fach © Amgueddfa Cymru

Option four – Creating Space / Agor gorwelion

We can often feel boxed in by our working environments. These images will help open out the new room by introducing space to breathe with blue skies, distant horizons, and the illusion of depth.

Gallwn yn aml deimlo bod yr amgylchedd gwaith yn ein cyfyngu ni. Bydd y delweddau hyn yn helpu i agor yr ystafell newydd drwy gyflwyno gofod ac aer gydag awyr las, gorwelion pell, a’r syniad o ddyfnder.

In the Fields in June, by George Clausen © The National Museum of Wales / Yn y Meysydd ym Mehefin, gan George Clausen © Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru

Option five – Community / Cymuned

A sense of community and belonging can be a source of comfort. This collection will highlight moments of connection – whether with loved ones, neighbour, pets, or even strangers on the street.

Gall ymdeimlad o gymuned a pherthyn dod â chysur. Bydd y casgliad hyn yn tynnu sylw at adegau o gyswllt – gydag anwyliaid, cymdogion, anifeiliaid anwes, neu ddieithriaid ar y stryd.

Family fun on the Beach. Barry Island, Wales, by David Hurn © David Hurn / Magnum Photos / The National Museum of Wales / Hwyl i’r teulu ar y Traeth. Ynys y Barri, Cymru, gan David Hurn © David Hurn / Magnum Photos / Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru

4 thoughts on “Choose the art for the Lakeside Wing Staff Haven

  1. Option 4 feels the most soothing and pleasant as Working indoors all day can feel small and oppressing. Staff and patients need something to counteract the low ceilings, busy clinical areas, hoards of staff and close walls and curtains. The feeling of space will help many staff and patients alike.

    Nature is a great idea as it reminds patients and staff of the world outside but I think that ‘space’ extends that idea further- a reminder not only of physical space but also of mental space and freedom that lives outside of the hospital.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment. We’re taking feedback from staff via our StaffConnect app. If you work for Cardiff and Vale UHB, make sure you log in and vote in the survey section so your views are counted! Thanks!

  2. Well done for this initiative . I prefer the classy no1 , it is very relaxing to look at and allow you to think your own thoughts

  3. As well as artwork (maybe in the form of screen printed Muraspec), the quality of loose furniture could enhance the sense of wellbeing, What about holding a design competition?

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