Artist Molly May Lewis, who is part of Cardiff & Vale Arts for Health and Wellbeing team has created a special installation named “Together We Move” to celebrate Pride Cymru 2020 which showcases the ongoing support and importance of inclusivity at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

The installation consists of 40 individual screen prints mounted onto wood and displayed in handmade frames.

Equality and Diversity Team at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said:
“Caring about inclusion. Inclusion is vital in meeting the needs of our LGBT+ patient and staff. We know that inclusion leads to improved health and greater patient experience of our services. We strongly believe that all individuals should feel embraced and valued for their true authentic self and be able to make the most out of their life and health no matter who they are or who they love”.

Molly said: “Inspired by Minimalist and Abstract Expressionist artists such as Sol LeWitt and Brice Marden, I often create grid like structures within my works, creating a simplistic and clean approach, which is then contrasted against bold use of colour. In Together We Move I have used the eleven colours which make up the Pride Progressive Flag and by exploring with form and composition through a screen printing process, each print acts as a defined artwork in itself but come together to make a much larger composition.

“Ultimately “Together We Move” symbolises individuality but also the coming together as we continue to create a more inclusive society. With reference to the Pride Progressive Flag, my work highlights the importance of a community that has, and is, making great progress but not forgetting that together we must continue to keep moving forward.”

Simone Joslyn, Head of Arts at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said: “We are so pleased that Molly has produced this work for us. Molly has been an integral part of the Health Board’s Pride celebration for a number of years and we wanted to ensure that we remained innovative for this year’s Virtual Pride and continue to support our creative practitioners.”

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