We are delighted to host an innovative pilot arts project, A Brief History of Healing, at University Hospital Llandough, and to take part in a forthcoming cross-site exhibition between the Hearth Gallery and Arcade-Campfa in central Cardiff. The project, the initiative of lead artist Gail Howard, is a patient and artist led project, seeking to explore the value of art making and personal expression in relation to our health. Gail has been a practising artist for over 20 years, and is also one of the founding members of the arts organisation madeinroath, she is long term mental health service user:

‘The Brief History of Healing has developed out of my own experience as an inpatient, where I found access to creative activity can be a problem for patients who aren’t able to leave the ward. BHoH highlights the intrinsic value of art and craft occupation advocating a person-centred approach to care and recovery.’

We caught up with one of the projects’ artists, Sarah Featherstone, as she presented printmaking and creative writing sessions from a repurposed drugs trolley, in various locations around University Hospital Llandough.

‘’A wonderful way of engaging with staff, visitors and patients and getting everyone’s voice’’

Sarah Featherstone qualified as a nurse at University Hospital Wales in 1994, and worked at Rookwood Hospital, UHW general medical wards, Opthalmology Department, then as a District Nurse and a Women’s Aid Child Support Worker, where she became increasingly aware of the benefits of art to our wellbeing. After studying Art and Design and completing an MA in Creative Writing, she now works on various projects as an independent artist including providing Creative Wellbeing courses.

Sarah has provided opportunities for creative writing and printmaking in waiting areas with the mobile repurposed art trolley.

‘’The art takes patients’ mind off waiting around. It’s mobile, so I can take it to the patients. To express yourself sometimes is really helpful, and this has been one of the most wonderful things about this project’’

The workshop sessions are open to all, taking place across site, and an opportunity for patients, staff and visitors to engage in a creative  


The resulting artwork will be exhibited in September 2019 in The Hearth Gallery University Hospital Llandough and at Arcade-Campfa in Queens Arcade in central Cardiff.

A Brief History of Healing is funded by the Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, Arcade- Campfa, and The Oakdale Trust.

Thank you to all hospital staff who have supported the project.

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