Gwanwyn Festival: Mnemonic V3

Age Cymru’s Gwanwyn festival of arts and creativity for older people, now in its thirteenth year, is supporting an event at the Oriel yr Aelwyd, The Hearth Gallery, and which is one of more than 50 other similar events taking place across Wales throughout May.

The Hearth Gallery is delighted to present Mnemonic V3, an exhibition by artist, photographer and Filmmaker, Jorge Lizalde, in collaboration with Solace through Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Mnemonic is a participatory project, installation and website created by artist, photographer and film-maker Jorge Lizalde, that explores and records the act of remembering.

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Please join us at 2:30pm on Friday 10th May in the Hearth Gallery for the launch of Mnemonic V3 with Jorge Lizalde, staff members of Solace, and some of the amazing carers who shared their memories and experiences with us as part of this extraordinary project.

Melanie Wotton, Exhibitions Coordinator at the Hearth Gallery says, “Mnemonic V3  exhibition at the Hearth Gallery focuses on Carers Stories – giving them a voice, and the opportunity for their experiences to be shared and heard. As part of the film-making process Jorge reconstructs their strong memories and stories from found imagery and film shared and available on the internet.


“The result are poignant video installations created after conversation, writing, listening, and caring, presenting memories as film, and also as a profound learning human experience for all.”

We are also delighted to announce Qigong sessions in our Rehabilitation Day Clinic with Christie Butterick on Friday 3rd May and Friday 10th May with more sessions to follow.

Christie Butterick, who has a background of over 30 years experience in Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Accupressure Meditation and Relaxation techniques will be working with Parkinson’s patients in our Day Centre.

We are also delighted to announce Qigong sessions with falls and cardiac patients groups in our Rehabilitation Day Centre with Tai Chi practitioner, Sue Carter, who worked for many years in UHL as a Physiotherapist, and has an in depth knowledge of the value of health and wellbeing activities in recovery.

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What is the Gwanwyn Festival?

The Gwanwyn Festival provides opportunities for older people to become involved in the arts and creative activities such as painting, photography, music, drama, storytelling, literature, dance or film during the month of May.

It celebrates the opportunities that older age can bring about – a chance for older people to learn and try new creative experiences which is reflected in the name ‘Gwanwyn’ meaning ‘springtime’ in the Welsh language.

It also promotes the benefits of exploring creativity, developing a critical voice and participating fully in the artistic and cultural life of local communities across Wales.

Age Cymru’s Arts & Creativity Programmes Manager, Kelly Barr said:

“The Festival is based on inviting community groups to bid for small grants to help fund their event, that way we can ensure that a wide cross section of older people, from the four corners of Wales, are involved in the events.

For more information about the Hearth Gallery, please contact:

Melanie Wotton

Exhibitions Coordinator


For more information about Age Cymru contact:

Michael Phillips

Communications Manager

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