We are delighted to present an exhibition by three women artists who explore through their work ancient healing sites, alternative urban utopias,, and the creation of wellbeing spaces.

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This joint exhibition brings together artists Catherine Lewis, Nick Davies and Vaida Barzdaite at the Hearth Gallery from today until the 3rd May.


Vaida Barzdaite presents Urban Feminine Utopia, a photographic project exploring wellbeing, peace and balance through a deep connection with nature.

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Nick Davies presents an exciting new body of work inspired by ancient sites of healing, health and wellbeing associated with the feminine.



Catherine Lewis will be re-creating the + wellspace + she made during her residency at 1A Inverness Place, Cardiff, for the Made in Roath Festival. It became her place of sanctuary and recovery during her treatment for breast cancer. A + wellspace + of memories, objects, inks, playfulness, craft, mindfulness, questions, empathy, security and friendship.


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