A production designed to stimulate, surprise and which helps give freedom to children whose movements are restricted has recently been commissioned by Cardiff & Vale health Charity Arts Fund to provide more performances for young patients at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales.

Splish Splash is staged entirely in and under water, and is performed by Oily Cart Theatre Company.

Splish Splash was originally designed for National Theatre Wales (NTW) as part of NTW’s NHS at 70 Festival and was performed in the Children’s Hospital for Wales last summer. It was so successful and well-received that we asked Oily Cart to come back again this year.


The Dolphin hydrotherapy pool was transformed into a floating fantasy land with underwater lighting, clouds of bubbles and curtains of spray.  The performance was felt as much as heard, transporting participants into a magical space.

Splish Splash comes in three versions: one for those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, another for those on the autism spectrum, and a third for the deafblind. Each show is tailored specifically to the needs of its audience who, as active participants, fully determine the course of their watery and holistic journey, where every sense is ignited and delighted.


Sharon Hortop, Paediatric Physiotherapist at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales said: “We were delighted that Cardiff & Vale Health Charity kindly funded more Splish Splash sessions for our patients.  To see the look of sheer pleasure and delight on the children’s faces while taking part in the performance was wonderful, thank you!”

Alison Garratt, Touring Producer, Oily Cart said: “Oily Cart, along with our co-producers at National Theatre of Wales were delighted to return to Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital with Splish Splash.

The amazing reactions of the children who attended made the shows such a pleasure to perform for our cast. It’s such a joy to be given the opportunity to perform these shows in health care settings. Thank you Cardiff & Vale Health Charity for making these performances possible.”

To find out more about how Cardiff & Vale Health Charity Arts Fund can help your service, please email fundraising.cav@wales.nhs.uk

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