Due to an overwhelming response, this has now closed.

Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board is calling for artists and makers to submit work for Rookwood Hospital. Artworks submitted are selected by a panel of people, qualified to assess the suitability of the work for display in Rookwood Hospital in context of the collection as a whole.

The Rookwood Hospital art collection must work within the healthcare space, in public or private areas. It should be uplifting, contributing to a calm and interesting environment, encouraging recovery and hope. The collection will reflect the diversity of people who use Neurosciences services.

All submissions must meet the criteria below, to be considered. The final decisions will be made by the Project Coordinator, with advice from the panel.

Who can to submit work?

Amateur and professional artists and makers, students, community groups, group work projects, individuals or organisations may donate work from other artists.


Artwork to be uplifting, in content, composition, colour and/or use of materials.
Sinister imagery should be avoided. Heavy use of dark colours such as red or black is not appropriate. Birds should not be included in artwork. Faces and eyes should not feature in work.

Materials and media

Artwork must be original, can be traditional, painted, applied, printed, photographic, abstract, or a mixture of media or techniques, 2 D or 3 D. Rookwood Hospital is a place of specialist care, the following safety factors apply:

  • Works on canvas, textiles, sculptures or mixed media work will be flame retardant.
  • Glass will not be used for framing
  • No sharp edges or ligature points
  • Materials will be firmly fixed to surfaces so cannot be broken-off easily.


A restricted budget has been allocated to buying work and for group work. Please submit proposals with cost.


The collection is programmed for completion by July 2019, however we will look to close the period for considering proposals in March 2019 if enough work has been submitted before that date we reserve the right to refuse further submissions.


Information about the Rookwood Hospital arts collection, with details of artists and work will be publicised when the collection is opened in 2019.


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