Harmoni Cymru is a group of four musicians who volunteer their time and talent to provide weekly music sessions for patients on our wards.

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Made up of a combination of flute (played by Vicky), clarinet (played by Amy), harp (played by Lynnsey) and guitar (played by Will), Harmoni Cymru entertain and engage Cardiff and Vale patients with a mixture of music from across the ages, from classical and Welsh folk to feel-good, singalong hits.

The band’s motto is “Music for All”, and they work hard to achieve it, bringing live music and entertainment to patients who would otherwise not be able to visit and enjoy live musical performances.

Of every art form, music is arguably the most universally loved, appreciated, and understood. Regardless of lyrics, the language of keys and chords resonates with us all. It enables patients to engage with both the musicians and staff in ways they would not normally be able to.

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Having live music sessions in secondary care settings can dramatically improve the overall mood on the ward and, crucially, the wellbeing of the inpatients. It provides substantial and significant benefits for all individuals who encounter the performance – not just patients but also their carers, visitors and UHB staff.

Simone Joslyn, head of arts at Cardiff and Vale UHB, said, “We’ve been lucky enough to work with Harmoni Cymru for around a year and the impact that they have had in that time is astounding.

“They’ve become a regular feature on our wards at UHW and patients always look forward to seeing them. As volunteers, everything they do for us is off their own backs and I can’t thank them enough on behalf of the UHB for the tireless, beautiful work they do and the joy they bring to our patients.

“There’s a growing body of research to suggest the many benefits the creative arts can have for people in secondary care, even to the extent of improving clinical outcomes in some cases. The work of Harmoni Cymru is instantaneous proof of this as, when you see them perform on a ward, you can see the environment become more stimulating and enjoyable and the wellbeing of the patients improve right before your eyes.

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“To raise vital funds to help them continue providing this wonderful service for our patients, they’re putting on a concert on the 19th October in the Sanctuary at UHW and I would encourage you all to treat yourself and go. The entry will be free, but they will be asking for donations.”

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